:33 < i dont understand what this futbol stuff is but im glad efurryones having fun

:33 < there was a monster sighting in texas and the way they described it it sounds like one of my brothers

:33 < torvas maybe?? hmm

:33 < hey uhhhh

:33 < anyone know where i can get a purrotection spell cast on me like a spell repelling one or something like that

:33 < furever nervous about my father finding me and shit you know

:33 < okay then nvm

:33 < okay i was trying to avoid n33ding to ask this but does anyone have a place i can stay at for a night

:33 < preferably in paris so i dont need to trek across the world

:33 < i heard theres a purrthday today

:33 < someone asked me why i was wearing these dirty rags and i was like 
:33 < i dont exactly have a place to washm at yknow

:33 < nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay guys